Lead Illness Investigation

Q01:  What is the main cause of lead poisoning in children?
A01:   Pre-1978 homes may contain lead-based paint. The primary cause of lead poisoning in children is lead dust contamination from old deteriorated paint or dry sanding/scraping of intact paint during repainting or remodeling.

For more information, visit www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/CLPPB 

Q02:  How can I tell if my child is lead poisoned?
A02:  A blood test is the only reliable means of assessing a child's exposure to lead. Often, a child with an elevated blood lead level will exhibit no apparent symptoms. But, even low level exposure can result in lowered mental capabilities if the exposure is sustained.

For more information, visit www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/CLPPB

Q03:  How can I have my home tested for lead?
A03:  Only a California-certified Inspector/Assessor can perform lead hazard evaluations. 

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