Federal Agencies

US Geological Survey

The USGS is a science organization that provides impartial information on the health of our ecosystems and environment.

USDA Forest Serve

The Forest Service manages public lands in national forests and grasslands.

Toxic Release Inventory System

This program tracks the management of over 650 toxic chemicals that pose a threat to human health and the environment.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Hazardous waste information is contained in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information (RCRAInfo), a national program management and inventory system about hazardous waste handlers.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Department of Labor, OSHA.

Food and Drug Administration

Protecting the health of people in the United States.

Environmental Protection Agency

The lead agency charged with protecting the environment of the United States.

DOE Science Research

The Office of Science (SC) is the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States.