Code Enforcement Info

Please see the information below for local code enforcement and regulatory agencies' contact information. 


San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control 

Contact: (559) 230-6000

Tulare County Animal Control

Contact: (559) 636-4050

Delta Vector Control (Mosquito Abatement District)

Contact:  (559) 732-8606 Visalia Office

West Nile Virus:  Report a Dead Bird

Contact: This is an online reporting system 1-877-WNV-BIRD (968-2473)


United States Department of Food and Agriculture

Contact: 1-800-446-6991

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Contact: 916-654-0466

California Department of Housing and Community Development: Mobile Homes

Contact: 800-952-5275

Tulare County Resource Management Agency

Contact: 559-624-7060


City Contact Information


City of Dinuba

Contact: (559) 591-5900


City of Exeter

Contact: (559) 592-3710


City of Farmersville 

Contact: (559) 747-0458


City of Lindsay 

Contact: (559) 562-5927


City of Porterville

Contact: (559)-782-7499


City of Tulare 

Contact: (559) 685-2300


City of Visalia 

Contact: (559) 713-4300


City of Woodlake 

Contact: (559) 564-8055


City Fire Department Contact Information


City of Dinuba Fire Department

Contact Phone: 559-591-5931


City of Exeter Fire Department

Contact Phone: 559-592-3714


City of Farmersville Farmersville Volunteer Fire Department

Contact Phone: 559-747-0791


City of Lindsay Public Safety Department Fire Department

Contact Phone: 559-562-2511

Fax: 559-562-7126


City of Porterville Fire Department

Phone: 559-782-7526


City of Tulare Fire Department

Contact Phone: 559-684-4300

Fax: 559-685-2397


City of Visalia Fire Department

Contact Phone: 559-713-4266


City of Woodlake Fire Department

Contact Phone: 559-564-2181

Fax: 559-564-0266