Tulare County Dairy Program

Tulare County is one of eight counties in California designated as Approved Milk Inspection Services by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Our mission is to ensure the safety and quality of dairy products consumed by the public through regulation and education.

Tulare County Registered Dairy Inspectors are responsible for the inspection and permitting of dairy farms located in Tulare and Kings County. They also oversee all retail food facilities within Tulare and Kings County that use soft-serve equipment to dispense semi frozen milk products to the public.

Inspectors perform the following duties in accordance with the California Food and Agricultural Code and the California Code of Regulations:

  • Routinely inspect and officially score dairy facilities
  • Review plan submittals for new or remodeled dairies
  • Inspect vacant dairy sites for possible re-occupancy
  • Respond to complaints
  • Obtain samples from dairy farm chillers and wells, retail soft serve facilities, and bulk milk tanks at the producer level

Any questions or concerns associated with a finished milk product such as fluid milk, cheese, butter, cream, etc. should be directed to the California Department of Food and Agricultural, Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch at (559) 445-5506. 

Questions or concerns regarding wastewater generated from the animals at dairy farms should be directed to the California Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board at (559) 445-6086. 

Dairy Forms

Dairy Guidance