Body Art

The Division of Environmental Health ensures compliance with minimum standards that apply to Body Art Facilities and Practitioners for the safe practice of Body Art in Tulare County. These regulations are intended to protect both the Practitioner and the client from transmission of infectious diseases through the application of proper Body Art procedures and the control of cross-contamination of instruments and supplies.

All individuals performing Body Art procedures and all Body Art facilities located within the County of Tulare, are required to register once and then maintain an annual registration or permit.


For Practitioners

Body Art Practitioners must fill out an application form and submit with a fee to the Environmental Health office.

For Facilities

Body Art facility operators must fill out an application form and submit with a fee to the Environmental Health office. The facility operator must submit an Infection Prevention and Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens for approval. 


  • Body Art forms
  • Body Art guidance
  • Sample OSHA exposure plan
  • OSHA Regulations for bloodborne pathogen control