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Hazardous Materials (CUPA)

Hazardous Materials (CUPA)

Hazardous Materials/Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA)

The California Environmental Protection Agency designated the Tulare County Environmental Health as the CUPA for Tulare County. The role of the CUPA is to assure consolidation, consistency and coordination of the hazardous materials programs within the County. 

The Tulare County Division of Environmental Health is responsible for overseeing the six hazardous materials programs in the County. The Tulare County Division of Environmental Health is responsible for inspecting facilities that handle hazardous materials, generate hazardous waste, treat hazardous waste, own/operate underground storage tanks, own/operate aboveground petroleum storage tanks, or handle other materials subject to the California Accidental Release Program. Please use the links on the right side of your screen for more information about the CUPA programs.

HazMat (CUPA) Forms

HazMat (CUPA) Guidance