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Plan Check

Many of our Environmental Health Permits require plan check to make sure that businesses are in compliance with County Ordinances as well as State & Federal Laws and Regulations. Many of the requirements are established to provide a safe operation for the employees, the environment, and the public.

About Plan Check

When someone submits plans the plan reviewer makes comments on permit applications and building plans through a process called a plan check. 

Plan reviewers examine permit applications, construction drawings, material samples, equipment specification sheets and more.

During a plan check, a plan reviewer provides comments on proposed plans to mark changes that must be made for the plans to comply with health and safety regulations. For example, a plan reviewer may make a comment requiring that a material be changed in a Gas Station plan because it poses a chemical spill hazard.

Once the initial plan check is completed and comments are sent to the applicant, a re-check is usually required so that a plan reviewer can ensure that all comments have been addressed. When plans are fully compliant and acceptable for construction, the business operator will schedule a construction inspection. When the construction inspection passes, all required paperwork is submitted and any other regulatory approvals are acquired, the project can be approved, fees paid, and a permit be issued.

Programs that require a traditional plan check are:

Food, Dairy, Body Art, CUPA Underground Storage Tanks, and Pool/Spas/Water Features. Please visit the program pages and review the forms and guidance documents to learn more about the plan check requirements. You can also contact us if you have questions.



Do you need to drop off a payment or set of plans and do not want to go into the building? You no longer have to!

The drop box is located outside on the east side of front entrance, labeled: HHSA/Public Health/Environmental Health.

Plans may be dropped off Monday – Thursday from 7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. and Fridays from 8 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. Excluding weekends and holidays. No CASH please. Only checks and money orders. The drop box is locked and secure and is emptied twice a day by staff.

Payments may also be made online at -  Payments



¿Necesita dejar un pago o planos y no quiere entrar al edificio? ¡Ya no tienes que hacerlo!

El buzón está ubicado afuera al lado en la entrada principal, etiquetado: HHSA / Salud Pública / Salud Ambiental.

Los planos se pueden dejar de lunes a jueves a partir de las 7:00 A.M. a las 4:30 P.M. y Viernes a partir de las 8 A.M. hasta las 11:30 A.M.  excepto fines de semana y días festivos. No EFECTIVO por favor, solo cheques y giros postales. El buzón está cerrado y seguro, y el personal lo vacía dos veces al día.

Los pagos también se pueden realizar electrónicos por el sitio web - Pagos

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