Tulare County Seal

 Deputy Director, Environmental Health Nilsa Gonzalez

As the Deputy Director of Public Health Nilsa Gonzalez has oversight of the Environmental Health Division. In that role, Nilsa is responsible for 23 compliance and enforcement programs within the Environmental division, including but not limited to, Retail Food Inspection, CUPA-Hazardous Materials, the Milk inspection program for Kings and Tulare County and the Environmental Emergency Response team. The division regulates thousands of businesses in Tulare County, Nilsa collaborates with business owners, cities, county, state and federal partners, and community stakeholders, serving Tulare County for over 21 years. Nilsa’s responsibilities also include the oversight of the Public Health Laboratory and the Public Health Preparedness Program (PHEP). Nilsa currently serves on the Tulare County Health Advisory Board and is a member of the California Environmental Health Association (CEHA) and the California Conference of Directors in Environmental Health (CCDEH), where she serves as the regional co-chair. Nilsa has extensive leadership training and experience and is a CSAC Credentialed California County Senior Executive.  Nilsa has a passion for community service and strongly believes in building relationships. A native of Tulare County, Nilsa holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene from Cal State University, Fresno. 

Surveillance Supervisor Sonia Carranza Surveillance Supervisor, Sonia Carranza

Sonia Carranza began a career in Environmental Health in 2002 as Extra Help for reviewing well permits, conducting data collection for wells and conducting public pool and spa inspections. She went on to obtain and maintain certifications as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist and as a Certified Lead Inspector Assessor.  She has served in various capacities conducting inspections of food facilities, pools, spas, employee housing, and sewage, trash, and vector complaints. She has conducted inspections of properties occupied by children who have lead poisoning. Currently, she serves as the Program Supervisor for the County and oversees Retail Food Program, Camps, Detention Facilities and co-supervises countywide complaint investigations and the Recreational Health Program.  Sonia currently participates on Central Valley Food Technical Advisory Committee (FTAC).

  Dairy and Recreational Health Supervisor, Keith Jahnke

Keith Jahnke has over 33 years of experience working as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist for Tulare County Environmental Health since 1989.  Currently, he serves as the Program Supervisor for the County Approved Milk Inspection Service (AMIS) which oversees dairy farms and soft serve facilities in both Tulare and Kings Counties. In addition, he co-supervises the Recreational Health Program.  

He has served in various capacities such as working in The Underground Fuel Tank Program, Local Oversight Program, formerly the Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Program. He later served in the Local Enforcement Program for Solid Waste, Waste Tire, Medical Waste, Land Use, Body Art, and Liquid Waste Programs.  Keith was also a member of Emergency Response Team, the Household Hazardous Waste Team, and the Wildfire Response Team.  He currently serves on the Tulare County Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC). 

 Keith worked himself through school at California State University Fresno.  He enjoys spending time with family and traveling, especially to Costa Rica.  Keith believes that good communication and teaching whenever possible is the best way to serve the community of Tulare County as it relates to protecting public and environmental health.


   CUPA Supervisor,  Jesus Gaona

Jesus Gaona has been employed by Tulare County Environmental Health Services Division for over 19 years.  He maintains a certification as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist and is certified as a Hazardous Materials Technician. He also supervises the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response team.  

He has served in various capacities such as working in the Underground Storage Tank Program (UST), Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP), Hazardous Waste/Tiered Permits, California Accidental Release Prevention (CALARP), Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA), Local Oversight Program (LOP), Retail Food Program, Organized Camps, Recreational Health, Public Water Systems and Detention Facilities.  Jesus was also a member of the Emergency Response Team, the Household Hazardous Waste Team, and the Wildfire Response Team.

Jesus received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  He enjoys spending time with family and traveling.  

His environmental management philosophy is to enhance the quality of life; to ensure public health and safety; to protect, restore, enhance the environment and economic vitality of Tulare County through the implementation of environmental health programs.



 Integrated Waste and Land Use Supervisor, Jessica Gocke 

Jessica oversees a team that encompasses many wide ranging programs in Environmental Health.  These programs include: water well construction, household hazardous waste, land use, integrated waste, body art, and the Local Enforcement Agency for solid waste.  Jessica considers himself fortunate to work with a very talented group of individuals.  Her environmental management philosophy is to protect public health in as business friendly a manner as possible given the limitations in regulation. 

Jessica has 18 years of experience as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist. She earned her Bachelor and Master degrees from California State University Fresno, and a Doctoral degree from University of La Verne.