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Liquid Waste (Septic System)

Q01:  How often should I pump my septic tank?

A01:  Your septic tank should be pumped at least once every 3-5 years. It may need to be pumped more frequently if there are a large number of people living in the house.

Q02:  Where is my OWTS located?

A02:  If a permit was issued for the installation of the system, contact the Tulare County Resource Management Agency at (559)624-7400. If there is no record, you can contact a septic system contractor to help you look for the system on your property.

Q03:  When am I required to apply for a permit?

A03:  Most work relating to the construction, installation, and repair of an OWTS requires a permit. Visit the Tulare County Resource Management Agency’s website at http://www.tularecounty.ca.gov for permit requirements.

Q04:  How do I obtain a permit?

A04:  Visit the Tulare County Resource Management Agency’s website at http://tularecounty.ca.gov to view the permitting process.

Q05:  Can I connect more than one building to a single OWTS?

A05:  There are many factors related to this. Call our office at (559) 624-7400 for more information.

Q06:  Does laundry/wash/bathing wastewater (gray water) need to be plumbed into my OWTS?

A06:  YES. California Health and Safety Code, Section 5411 states that "no person shall discharge sewage or other waste…in any manner which will result in contamination, pollution, or nuisance." HOWEVER, there are provisions in the Plumbing Code that allow for the use of gray water under certain conditions. Contact the Tulare County Resource Management Agency Building Department at (559) 624-7400 for more information.