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Temporary Food Events

About Temporary Food Events

A Temporary Food Event is defined in CalCode as an event that is conducted for not more than 25 consecutive or nonconsecutive days in a 90-day period and that is of civic, political, public, or educational nature, including state and county fairs, city festivals, circuses and other public gathering events approved by the Tulare County Environmental Health Division.

A community event consist of two or more temporary food facilities (TFF)/food booths selling or giving away food to the public. A community event organizer is required to provide support for the TFFs, such as: restrooms, refuse, shared warewashing and handwashing facilities. The event organizer is required to obtain an Event Organizer Permit.

When does a Temporary Food Event need an Event Organizer Permit?

  • Events with two or more TFF (each TFF will need its own permit)

  • Events with two or more mobile food facilities (each MFF will need its own permit)

About Temporary Food Facilities

TFF are a food facility approved by the local enforcement agency to operate at a fixed location for the duration of the approved community event. TFF must operate in conjunction with a community event. Permits are required from your local Environmental Health Office to operate a temporary food facility and serve food to the public. Temporary food facilities will be inspected on the day of the event, and throughout the event as needed, to check compliance with all applicable state and local requirements. 

What type of food facilities can operate at a community event?

  • Mobile Food Facilities: Food trucks/carts/trailers with TFF permit or Tulare County Mobile Food Permit.

  • Temporary Food Facilities: Food booths with TFF permit.

  • Cottage Food Operations: Class A and B. With Additional TFF permit. 

  • Caterers: Caterers with a Tulare County Catering permit.

Temporary Food Event Forms

Temporary Food Event Guidance

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